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. If the author later decides to re-undertake the exploitation of his/their work he/she will have to offer preferably the corresponding rights to the former rightsholder and in conditions reasonably similar to the previous ones. : Boletin Oficial del Estado núm. Viaje de verano 2017 con minicréditos. ¿Qué requisitos debes cumplir para pedir tu préstamo?.

They are independent of the copyright in the audiovisual work. Asociación Española de Micropréstamos (AEMIP). the right to access to the single copy or a rare copy of the work in order to exercise any of the other rights. Préstamo Auto de CatalunyaCaixa. The special rules concerning computer programs are contained in Title VII of Book One: through successive modifications, they are now very close to the rules for other types of work. Corporate persons can be the holders of these rights. The special rules concerning audiovisual works are contained in Title VI of Book One. Préstamo Auto de CatalunyaCaixa.

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. A work enters the public domain at the expiration of its term of protection. The summary below does not follow the order of this chapter and the headings given below have no legal basis or force. Spain is a signatory to the following international copyright treaties, which have direct force under Spanish law. Performers also have the moral right to have their name associated with their performances, and to object to distortion or mutilation of their performances: these moral rights last for the life of the performer and for twenty years after his or her death. Posthumous works are protected for seventy years following publication provided they are published within seventy years of the death of the author. The author of a work cannot renounce his/her moral rights, nor transfer them to another person during his/her lifetime. Corporate persons can be the holders of these rights if the recording was first made under their "initiative and responsibility". A number of "related" rights are detailed in Book Two of the Intellectual Property Law: these are similar in form to the rights of Book One, but may not directly concern the author of the work.

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. As in other countries, there are a number of societies which collectively manage the licensing of different types of work and the collection of royalties on behalf of copyright holders. It always assigns copyright to the author and he or she is not allowed to disclaim it. The law explicitly allows to make private copies of copyrighted work without the author's consent for published works if the copy is not for commercial use