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ASNEF - Asociación Nacional de Establecimientos Financieros.

. GETBUCKS SPAIN, S.L.U - GetBucks. Legislation is less strict than for S.A.s It is most commonly chosen. The share capital is divided into nominal shares “participaciones nominativas”. Individuals may be shareholders.

A limited company has its own legal status as an entity separate from its shareholders. The shareholders enjoy limited liability, thus their personal exposure is limited to the shareholder’s funds. Opiniones sobre Préstamo para empresas. It must be noted, however, that directors can be liable with their personal wealth should they trade unlawfully. Uso responsable de las tarjetas de crédito.. Spotcap Spain S.L. - Spotcap. There are relatively high bureaucratic burdens in terms of compliance obligations, such as preparation of annual accounts. The main disadvantages of this legal form are as follows: May not be suitable for certain businesses, such as banks and insurance companies. In summary, the main advantages of this legal form are as follows: Limited liability. The minimum number of shareholders is one. The profits of the “sociedad limitada” are taxable via corporation tax.

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. Solicitud de préstamo SmileCredito. The full amount of the share capital must be paid out, either in cash or in property